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Depending on the desires and the company’s clients, we offer many options for repairing, renovation and finishing of your home at an affordable price. For each potential customer, it is very important to organize the work of hired employees, which avoids many of the difficulties of repair.


Custom Toronto Renovation Contractors of UNU operate on the principle of an integrated approach, avoiding inconsistency and reduce time to the minimum. By satisfying customers with quality we increase consistency with no downtime. This unique approach allows the use of our flexible pricing policy that advances us as a company among our competitors. Having the latest technology, we guarantee quality in renovation and finishing projects, regardless of the level of complexity.


As a rule, Home Improvement companies are faced with the choice of materials they need to neat up the walls, ceilings, floors. Numerous cracks, bumps, eroded sections of plaster and other defects while renovating, remodeling or simply repairing homes.


For each type of finish, whether it is the organization of various floor coverings, paint, wallpaper or lining work there are a variety of materials to professionally prepare the surface of repaired homes

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